KLIM Earbuds Set


KLIM Earbuds Set is a set of 10 additional memory foam compatible with KLIM Fusion and extremely comfortable.

  • Innovative. Up until today, earbuds were exclusively made out of silicone. The KLIM earbuds were designed with a special memory foam which adapts perfectly to your inner ear and provides unbeatable comfort while isolating you from outside noise.
  • Compatible. These earbuds were designed to be compatible with over 98% of earphones available on the market. They come with an industry standard 4.5mm wide opening.
  • Stock up. With 10 different pairs, 4 different colours (black, red, blue and green) and 2 different sizes, you won't be needing new earbuds for quite a while.
  • Fits your ear. Aside from the fact that the memory foam allows them to perfectly mould to your inner ear, we also provide you with 2 different sizes so you can really enjoy optimal comfort.