KLIM Wrist Rest


The KLIM Wrist Rest ensures perfect comfort while using your keyboard.

Well supported, your wrists will be perfectly protected from any discomfort due to an incorrect position. Stable and robust, this product has a lifetime warranty: a real token of its quality and reliability.

Spend hours using your keyboard without any risk of wrist pain.

  • Invest in your health. Years of heavy keyboard usage may lead to irreversible damage on your wrists, making them painful for the slightest movement. Managing your back is crucial, but so is managing your wrists. This wrist rest makes it easier for you.
  • Save time. With your wrists in a better position, you’ll be able to type faster. It’s an important gain when playing video games or simply working at the office or at home.
  • Simple, durable, stable. This wrist rest is fitted with a non-slip surface, making it perfectly stable. It comes with a lifelong warranty, a token of its durability.
  • Comfortable. You’ll feel it as soon as you touch it. It is firm enough to offer the necessary resistance and smooth enough to be comfortable. The material was designed in order to slide on your skin, in addition to being anti-perspiration.