KLIM Comfort+


The KLIM Comfort + serves a double function. It protects you from your laptop's heat. And it also allows your laptop to properly ventilate. This has a direct impact on your computer not breaking down: your laptop only lasts as long as its components. The hotter your laptop gets, the more your components will suffer.

  • BREAK THE VICIOUS CIRCLE. By using your laptop directly on your lap or in bed it obstructs the air vents of your laptop and will bring the overheating to a critical level. The KLIM Comfort + will act as a cooling buffer to protect you from the heat, and at the same time cool down your laptop! In addition it provides an extra USB port, so you don't lose any!
  • COMFORTABLE + STABLE. We used a new generation cushion at the bottom to make it perfectly comfortable. We also made sure your notebook won't slide by using anti-slip material. It will stay exactly where you want it to be. Better than a simple knee pad as it also provides cooling power. Keep yourself and your laptop cool in any situation.
  • YOU WON'T NOTICE IT. We spent a lot of time to tweak this cooling pad to get it as silent as can be. With 21 dB you won't notice any noise, for comparison breathing is at about 20dB. Additionally we kept it light, it is easy to move it around and it will feel light on your lap. So whether you're working on the couch or watching Netflix in bed the Comfort + will be a discreet and reliable companion.
  • THE RISK IS ON US + RISK FREE PURCHASE FOR YOU. We offer with Amazon a 30-days no questions asked return policy. Additionally this product is covered by an ironclad 5 years warranty, which is a testament to the quality of the product. The Comfort + is compatible with ALL laptop models between 10 and 15.6". And if you encounter any issue, our native english customer service answers within 24 hours, even on week-ends! For you it's a 100% risk free purchase.
  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT. You probably spent quite a bit of money on your computer and your computer breaking down would be a major issue. This cooling pad is an investment => no components overheating => maximises the life expectancy of your PC and boosts its performances.